System Information

The following data has been retrieved from the personnel database of The Miraxis Index.

Personal Information

Agent X-19, also known by the designation "Xathoven", is one of The Miraxis Index's newest Agents and part of the KX-Zero Miraxis Pair, alongside K-17. Serious, thoughtful, and calculated, X-19 is well-suited for the front lines in the campaign against The Shadowborne. He continues to demonstrate great leadership qualities as well as a strong drive to discover more of the Afterlife. His partnership with K-17 is one of the most compatible we've ever seen in a Miraxis Pair and we hope it is effective in the battle against The Shadowborne.

The KX-Zero Miraxis Pair is assigned to Sir Dusk and performs missions to eliminate Shadowborne Nests, the hearts of our enemies.

Visual Details

Agent X-19 is 183 centimeters tall (6 feet). He has a fit build and is ideal for close range melee combat. His hair is short and wavy in Elk Brown and he has Forest Green eyes. Xathoven is dressed in a typical Miraxis Agent Uniform with a long sleeve Galactic Gray top and Dark Gray trousers.

Name Agent ID Age
Xathoven X-19 19
Weapon ID Type
Darkelle 09.27 Sword

Combat Skills & Abilities

Agent X-19 is a powerful TANK type Agent.

Xathoven's physical weapon is a sword. The sword provided to him by The Miraxis Index is an auto-materialization blade with its edge tipped in Endis. The sword's handle can be sheathed while the blade dematerializes, allowing for comfort and convenience when storing the weapon. This sword, once named "Darkelle", was used by a former Agent of The Miraxis Index.

His primary ability is natural armor. Xathoven can deflect incoming projectiles directly off of his body, allowing him to fulfill his TANK role and protect his partner. This power is effective against the Shadowborne as they have, on occasion, taken form with firearms equipped.

His secondary ability is super-strength. Xathoven can enhance the strength in his arms to accomplish impossible feats. This power can be extremely effective in combat with obstacles and environmental destruction.