An entrancing and serene drone flowed throughout the air…


In an instant, a great, piercing light confronted the eyes of a figure. The sudden flash of sunlight had interrupted his deep slumber as he left the obscurity of the highway tunnel. Tucked cozily in the backseat of the car, he leaned his head against the window. As he stared blankly into nothingness, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the lighting. After a few seconds, his vision analyzed everything in his view. The car rolled forward in moderate traffic along a grand bridge that stood high above the water. Just a few lanes from the edge of the vast bridge, the young man could still see the deep blue water, glistening with the bright glare of the sun. The waves gently flowed out towards the sea. He gazed into the limitless horizon, the great sky encompassing the globe. The sunlight lit up the passage and in the midst of the light, a trio of seagulls drifted effortlessly along the bridge’s length. For a moment, they dived downward, but then suddenly pulled up quickly as they drilled straight up into the air. Mesmerized, the young man smiled softly as he returned his view to the road up ahead.

Every vehicle on the road seemed to slide forward as they approached the halfway point of the journey across the bridge. The young man looked once more out towards the sea but it was not the waves that gripped his wandering eyes. A small car rolled forward beside him, with just enough speed to crawl ahead as he watched; his eyes focused on a figure in the backseat of the passing vehicle. The figure, in a curious state of hypnosis, was gazing down towards the passing road. It slowly raised its head until its eyes made contact with the young man. With sudden interest, it stared straight into his eyes.

She was a young woman with dark hair whose eyes seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. She gently raised a hand to her face as she swept aside a curtain of hair that had impeded her view. Her skin glimmered in the obscure light as she squinted, trying to get a clear view of the figure to which she gazed. With eminent blue eyes, she seemed to pierce his very soul as she discovered that he was staring right back. Neither one let go as their eyes entwined, locked upon one another.

As the peaceful moment continued, the young man was mystified as he watched this woman. A weak feeling of familiarity rang through him. Had he seen her once before, or was his heart falling for an illusion of reminiscence? The distant memory flickered and he continued to fall back into a soft gaze. She slowly raised a hand and waved as she began to smile. He could not help himself as he smiled back, still in a dream-like world as he watched her. Once again, this young woman seemed to strike an old chord within him.

The moment was not to last much longer…

Without warning, a growing rumble began to vibrate the congested bridge. At first, it seemed to be a weak tremble at the base of the structure, but it quickly became clear that this was no miniscule event. The woman glanced around nervously and the man did the same. The bridge seemed to be shaking from its foundations. He looked back towards her but as they shared one last glance, an endless white light filled the air. All sound seemed to disappear and the world faded to nothingness as the scene entered an infinite darkness.