Intermission XIV

Intermission: The Executive Order

MRXS Protocol 1-f | HQ

Miraxis Corporation Headquarters

Official Communication





To: Miraxis Index 0x1 Command

From: President Monaretto


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I have received confirmation that an exit lift has been used during the lockdown. Officer Moreau, you and your subordinates have been relieved of your duties. You are all aware of the consequence of failure. The facility has been remotely closed under MRXS Protocol 0-X. Miraxis Index 0x1 was not the solution I am looking for and subsequently, it will be erased from existence. Under my orders, an MRXS Commissioned SU-47 armed with sub-surface weaponry will be removing you and your failure from this sequence. Whatever remains of the facility will be lost under the process of Temporius 4. I suggest you spend your remaining time wisely. By the time you read this, the aircraft will be less than thirty minutes from your position.


President Monaretto


[Written message concluded.]