Intermission XI

Intermission: Lost Hope

MRXS Protocol 13-2f | cmd

Facility Log Entry #97





To: Facility Reports (Mandatory Log Entries)

From: Officer Kelsor


[Written message viewable below.]


Everything is running into the ground at a gruelingly slow pace. The worst thing is that there's no way in hell we can save this. There's nothing left to do. After the mess with Sir Dusk, we know nothing more. He is not in possession of his key and we assume he must have given it to X-19 or K-17. We have decommissioned the other Miraxis Agents to help us in our search. We've literally gone blank, nobody knows where either of the KX-Zero pair is. The facility is in lockdown and some other technical systems are failing as well. More floors are falling to the same faults and it's only a matter of time until we lose everything we've worked for. More than anything else, I'm just afraid of what the top-tier of The Miraxis Corporation will do to clean this up.

We’ll never make it to paradise now.




[Written message concluded.]