Intermission X

Intermission: The Authoritix Tricks

MRXS Protocol 13-2x | (null)

Personal Log Review: Reports on Subject's Entries

Subject: Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d1)

Author: Officer Kelsor (p0-v0-k0-d0)





To: Facility Reports (Archived Documents)

From: Officer Kelsor


[Written message viewable below.]


Using the Authoritix technology inherited from Mireal Enterprises, I have been able to bypass encryptions on the subject's protected logs. I'm surprised to say that most of them were empty, if not lacking in interest. Sir Dusk only had a few encrypted logs and all of them pretty much say the same thing as his daily logs. Maybe he just didn't get the encryption system right. I've found everything I can and there's nothing really suspicious. I don't want to sound silly, but I think there's just a lot of paranoia going on. Sir Dusk isn't the one compromising this operation, at least that's my opinion. I think it's obvious, Sariph is back and she's the real problem. We have to find out how to deal with her or we're going to lose years of work, both for The Miraxis Corporation and the former Mireal Enterprises. But hey, I'll see what I can do.




[Written message concluded.]