Intermission VIII

Intermission: Illusions

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #35e

Personal Log Entry #35e

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)

ENCRYPTED //Authoritix





[This audio log has been encrypted with Authoritix technology.]


“I believe that The Miraxis Index may be in much greater peril than I ever imagined… X-19 has alerted me to a possible security breach. He took part in a solo scenario but afterwards, he told me he had been with someone else. I never saw anyone this morning, other than X-19. He stated the name 'Sorin'. At the time, I knew nothing but I have made some system inquiries and learned that Sorin is the alias of agent S-15. He does not report to me, he is under the jurisdiction of another instructor, but that is not what leaves me unsettled. I am looking at Officer Kelsor's personnel logs right now and it clearly states that Sorin has been in the recreation center all day. I simply do not understand… The data signature was different this time… could it still be her?”


[Recording was completed.]