Intermission VII

Intermission: Achilles' Heel

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #33e

Personal Log Entry #33e

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)

ENCRYPTED //Authoritix





[This audio log has been encrypted with Authoritix technology.]


“Facility personnel have been informed that a single data signature has been detected in two different places. This is an unnerving time for all of us; the weaknesses of this facility are giving way and we must prepare for the worst.”


[Recording was paused for 15 minutes and 30 seconds.]


"It is as I feared, S-24 has returned. Others cannot see, but I know it is her. I recognize her presence; I have the most experience in working with her. There is no doubt; she has come back to The Miraxis Index. The other day, I had excused it for an illusion… It was not imaginary; she was here in this very room, if only for a brief time. As a direct result of her arrival, two Miraxis Agents have been submitted to medical attention, A-16 and K-17. According to the facility scan results, both female agents have been, through some unknown vulnerability, 'possessed', for lack of a better term, by S-24. X-19 experienced the event in person and was very concerned; I am afraid I had to give him the… temporary explanation. He is not ready yet, he cannot know… I must say no more."


[Recording was completed.]