Intermission VI

Intermission: Blackout

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #31e

Personal Log Entry #31e

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)

ENCRYPTED //Authoritix





[This audio log has been encrypted with Authoritix technology.]


“Today, I made a mistake in my interpretation of X-19. I had hoped that he would meet my assistance and watch with acceptance but instead, I have upset him to no end. I mentioned that I had seen him take in K-17 last night and I could immediately see that I had made a terrible mistake in speaking of such. X-19 is incredibly wary; his mind is like a well-oiled machine and he constantly ponders many matters. I pray that he does not look further into what I said… I only wanted to make him aware that I was keeping an eye out for him and his friend. K-17 has been more lenient and understanding of my situation; she understands my perils. I think that X-19 dwells in matters I should not interfere with but regardless, I will still keep watch of his progression. I hope he will forgive me later on-”


[System blackout recognized. An unexpected termination has occurred.]


[Recording was paused for 5 minutes and 1 second.]


"The faci---y's -ower failed fo- -ust a mom-nt…"


[Undecipherable. The recording timed out.]


"If you are in the room, show yourself… I mean no harm, you know this…"


[Unknown voice signature was detected at MRXS|16:54.]


"What has happened to you?"


"… … …"


[Undecipherable. The recording timed out.]


[Recording incomplete. The recording was automatically terminated after 60 minutes of inactivity.]