Intermission V

Intermission: An Unwelcome Guest

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #29e

Personal Log Entry #29e

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)

ENCRYPTED //Authoritix





[This audio log has been encrypted with Authoritix technology.]


“I've received reports from Officer Kelsor of signal issues on the control floor so I will be taking an elevator down to see what is going on. The increase in technical issues is gravely darkening the facility's future but those who wish for it to stand continue, with stubbornness, to keep it active. I sent Miraxis Pair KX-Zero to a Shadowborne Nest earlier so I have a brief moment to check up on some of The Miraxis Index's essential systems.”


[Recording was paused for 26 minutes and 3 seconds.]


[Unknown voice signature was detected at MRXS|17:15.]


"… … …"


[Undecipherable: The recording timed out.]


[Multiple voice signatures were detected at MRXS|17:16. One signature was recognized as A-26.]


"… … …"


[Undecipherable: The recording timed out.]


[Recording was paused for 1 minute and 18 seconds.}


"It is with haste that I continue this encrypted log. In the control room, Officer Kelsor and I witnessed two personnel signals that do not belong here. One of them is A-26, I was already aware that he would eventually make himself known with his constant visiting. The other signal was unrecognizable, but the facility's personnel have a bad feeling about it, and that unified sensation is well placed."


[Recording was paused for 15 seconds.]


"… I have had a visitor, while I was away… I must leave for now."


[Recording was completed.]