Intermission IV

Intermission: Paradoxical

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #27e

Personal Log Entry #27e

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)

ENCRYPTED //Authoritix





[This audio log has been encrypted with Authoritix technology.]


“From today onward, I will be producing encrypted logs alongside my mandatory daily set. I find that this is necessary, as some worrying signs have been leaving me planning ahead for any outcome. I am using my own Authoritix encoder/decoder for this log series and although I have some safeguards in place, I must be aware that facility personnel may find a way to access these logs. The Authoritix technology is my invention and as such, it could… misinterpret my encryption when decoding.”


[Recording was paused for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.]


"I've looked back upon the data extracted during the training session for Miraxis Pair KX-Zero and I can confirm that some of the issues present earlier in the facility's life have resurfaced. They are relatively minor but their appearance is nonetheless discomforting. X-19 suffered an incision during the training session but the simulator itself is a virtual state so the event is, by all means, impossible. It appears to me that the virtualization architecture has been slipping up in these last few days and it really is causing some pains in the void. The fact that this structure even stands is a testament to its builders, but how long will it last?"


[Recording was paused for 12 seconds.]


"Speaking of X-19's injury, I've spoken with A-26 and resultantly, Ms. Gryphus. She is assisting me in the matters of utmost importance and I am duly grateful that she is in my service here in the facility. It is my greatest hope that her presence is not misunderstood by those of higher statures; many know of her loyalty to me and I must make sure it does not bring her any troubles."


[Recording was completed.]