Intermission III

Intermission: Dual Purpose

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #24

Personal Log Entry #24

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)





“The counter-Shadowborne campaign is a solid plan indeed. Experience for the Miraxis Agents throughout various locations will surely be an immeasurable asset later on. The Shadowborne thrive in nests of their own virtual construction in the void, similarly to The Miraxis Index in some ways. Defeating these foes in their homes is the key, learning to terminate an enemy that appears limitless… Monaretto is as sly as they say, but I am well aware of that by now. Speaking of Monaretto and his eternal confidence, I am curious as to how he explains the behavior of his agents. They are not quite as vivid as mine are. Perhaps he will realize that I was right after all…"


[Recording was completed.]