Intermission I

Intermission: Daily Logging

MRXS Protocol 13-2 | #22

Personal Log Entry #22

Sir Dusk (p1-v1-k1-d3)



“After a week’s absence, I shall continue the mandatory daily voice logs. Further information on the facility and its inner-workings are available in the technical data set maintained by Officer Kelsor. At the moment, structural integrity is satisfactory. Effects of the void are not impeding the routines of the facility and the new transportation system, currently running through its final tests, operates effectively and without technical or graphical deficiencies, other than the obvious. I will keep an eye on all systems over the next couple of weeks. In addition, I have been made aware that a second potential recruit of the current set has arrived. I will be seamlessly tying him into the system and its goals in the hopes of achieving liberation with maximum immediacy.”

[Recording was completed.]