System Information

The following data has been retrieved from the personnel database of The Miraxis Index.

Personal Information

The Shadowborne are our only enemies out here in the void, but they are fierce and persistent. The facility wide theory is and has always been that The Shadowborne stand between us and Paradise. Our duty as members of The Miraxis Index is to target and destroy The Shadowborne and all of their "nests". These evil spirits are dark, twisted, and dangerous. Miraxis Agents are deployed to eliminate them with haste and efficiency.

Visual Details

The Shadowborne are known to take many forms. Their most common form is as a disturbing and demented humanoid covered in shadow and darkness. They are easy to spot due to their glowing yellow eyes, though their forms sometimes disguise this. Facility policy dictates that when a Shadowborne figure is spotted, it is to be immediately terminated.

The Shadowborne

Combat Skills & Abilities

The Shadowborne posses powers that we do not fully understand. Their ability to take many forms makes them difficult to deal with so caution is required at all times. As spirits of the void, they appear to be capable of manipulating space around them to create illusions or confuse their opponents. The biggest threat posed by The Shadowborne is their dark power to corrupt. The Shadowborne can drain their victims of energy, willpower, and even life. We have been aware of the danger these enemies pose, and the Miraxis Agents have been trained specifically to help us eliminate The Shadowborne once and for all.