System Information

The following data has been retrieved from the personnel database of The Miraxis Index.

Personal Information

Agent K-17, also known by the designation "Kaiyandra", is one of The Miraxis Index's newest Agents and part of the KX-Zero Miraxis Pair, alongside X-19. Intelligent, loyal, and caring, she has many qualities that make her a game-changer on the field of conflict. Kaiyandra has more heart and willpower than many other agents and it shows in her work. Her partnership with X-19 is one of the most compatible we've ever seen in a Miraxis Pair and we hope it is effective in the battle against The Shadowborne.

The KX-Zero Miraxis Pair is assigned to Sir Dusk and performs missions to eliminate Shadowborne Nests, the hearts of our enemies.

Visual Details

Agent K-17 is 158 centimeters tall (5 feet, 2 inches). She has a slender build and is well suited for controlled ranged combat. Her hair is straight, short-to-medium length in Jet Black and she has Deep Sky Blue eyes. Kaiyandra is dressed in a typical female Miraxis Agent Uniform with a long sleeve top and a ruffled Carbon Black skirt.

Name Agent ID Age
Kaiyandra K-17 17
Weapon ID Type
Medagien 07.24 DMR

Combat Skills & Abilities

Agent K-17 is a powerful SNIPER type Agent.

Kaiyandra's physical weapon is a rifle. The rifle provided to her by The Miraxis Index is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle with a self-fueling Endis engine. For situational awareness and as an exercise of the wielder's incredible accuracy, this medium-to-long range weapon has a basic 1x scope. This rifle has been designated with the name "Medagien".

Her primary ability is exceptional agility. Kaiyandra can sprint, leap, and evade far beyond expected limitations. These abilities allow her to always maintain a combat advantage and stay out of reach or sight. In this state, she is a proficient scout who can also provide cover fire for her partner.

Her secondary ability is healing. Kaiyandra is the first and only Miraxis Agent with the ability to heal by touch. Injuries such as cuts and bruises can be easily cured through maintained contact. This ability's limitations are not known at this time.