The Miraxis Trilogy

The Miraxis Trilogy is an original fictional story. This trilogy introduces a new and exciting world for readers to immerse themselves in. Each volume of the trilogy is told from a different character's perspective, with the opening volume, The Miraxis Index, narrated in first-person by a young man, Xathoven. As readers conclude their journey through The Miraxis Index, they'll begin to uncover the major plot events that set up the enticing future of Volume II and Volume III.

Traverse the website to read more about the story and characters. Get a taste of what's to come by reading the entire text of Volume I: The Miraxis Index, online.

The Author

Rospo Briccone, commonly known as Roguetoad27, is an independent Game Designer and Graphic Designer. He has been a content producer since 2002 releasing and posting avatars, wallpapers, device themes, and more on his website, Roguetoad.com.

The Miraxis Trilogy has been a project of his since he began planning it in 2007. He published the first edition of The Miraxis Index in 2012 and an updated revision in 2016.

Rospo is an avid gamer, and his passion for games fuels his desire to design them. Many game design elements are visible throughout his work in The Miraxis Trilogy.


Rospo Briccone is easy to contact. Use the link below to visit the contact page on his official website (Roguetoad Studios).